With several years of deep technology & domain expertise, ECD Zone provides consulting services, mentoring and capability development services to software and technology based businesses. Our clients includes some of the biggest names in the services and product industry, including several Fortune 500, CMM 5 companies and Investment Banks.

• Niche and enterprise technology mentoring
People are the driving force of a business. For a business to meet the criteria of changing technology trends, its people need to be mentored in the latest technologies. We provide niche skill set training in fast growing technologies like Big Data, AI & Robotics, Automation, DevOps, Security, Cloud Computing, Data Analysis & Engineering, Performance Engineering to help your company tap the various business opportunities & grow with time.

• High –End Technology Consulting
Fast paced technology trends are changing the market. Each new technology that hits the market offers newer ways to expand and grow.We help our clients build effective and scalable solutions to real time technology issues using industry standard methodologies and skills relevant to their area of work.

• Solution Architecture Consulting
Evolving multi dimensions of architecture by applying scientific driven model to meet customers' expectations. Be it working with migration from monolith to micro services architecture, we provide end-end assistance with evolving System Architecture, developing technology roadmap, architecture evaluation and NFR consulting.

• Technology & Architecture Audit
We help organizations evaluate the systems and processes in place that secure good software development practices & secures company data. We determine risks to an application, be it legacy or greenfield, and help identify methods to minimize those risks. We ensure information management processes are in compliance with IT-specific laws, policies and standards. We determine inefficiencies in IT systems, stack implementation and associated management.