Corporate Team

Dhru Bhattacharjee

An administrator with 30 years of work experience in the Government Sector. An apt disciplinarian and operations expert, he is responsible for financial management and part of corporate affairs team. His interest involves working with teams from varying regions, culture, ethnicity and domain. He is also in the board of social organizations and NGOs working towards various community services.

Dibya Prakash

Dibya is a technology consultant, mentor & strategist. With a deep experience of working across the ladder in the services and consulting sector, with roles ranging from enterprise consultant to technology head. Dibya consults several CMM5 & Fortune 100/500 companies across different continents, for their different technology, engineering & process requirements. Dibya has been using collaborative implementation model, use lean technologies & processes for better technical and business process management. An advocate of open source technology, Dibya supports community projects, helps organization/business units adopt open source technologies for their product or service needs. Dibya assist in setting up CoE, build technology expertise, set-up technology centric units & teams, adopting lean models of automation and best practices around the same.

Siddharth Chakroborty

Siddharth has had a career in the construction and infrastructure set-up spanning over 12 years. He is also the founder and partner of Ranmark Engineering – a concept that has been derived from the desire to explore areas and activities that can only be achieved by working on them through a networking model of business where common synergies and skills of certain individuals are pooled together to form a consortium and conduct a particular business activity on the engineering and sales field. He has worked vastly with Indian Railways, BPCL, PWD, etc.

Debasis Das

Debasis worked in DRDO for sixteen years in advanced defence communication systems, unmanned aerial vehicles, satellite remote sensing including earth stations, multi-spectral sensors, image analysis, etc. He spent the following twenty two years in the Indian Software Industry working in senior business manager positions with software industry majors like the HCL, PCS, Rolta (twice), Neilsoft, Genesys International and technology companies like DG2L technologies(twice), Zintec Software, Parsec Technologies( US stint), Global Edifice, etc. He has been a keen trainer and personally led the training of juniors in these high technology areas. Development methodologies, processes, QA, architecture, software engineering, system engineering and effective project management have been his focus areas.

Rajat Gaur

Rajat comes from an engineering and customer management background. With more than 7 years of experience in customer management with some of the leading brands in the country, he comes as a people manager and a team builder. His specialization involves in the ability to attract and secure key players in building strong business relations. With an hawk's eye for quality and productivity, he manages the customer relation sector and also part of the marketing analysis team.His past experiences has been with brands like Airtel, Tata Telelinks, Zephyr, etc.