As industry experts, we understand that running software and technology businesses requires long term vision and adaptability. We at ECD Zone help you and your company compete and thrive in this ever changing market by channelizing these newer technology trends in ways that help grow your business. We believe in customized solutions. The key to keep pace with the changing trends is the understanding of what suits your business the best and how to incorporate it in your current system.

Personalization is key (Develop Yourself)

If you have problems with one subject, we can come to your rescue! With over XYZ programs to offer in a diverse portfolio covering topics that suite your requirement, our only goal is to help you reach your goal, fast! We give attention to every line that you read during your program, ensuring that you gain the most of every second. Learning becomes fun, interactive and easy thanks to our classroom approach, where distance does not matter. Only a click away, our experts are accessible round the clock, keen on answering every question you have.

Our systematic and effective approach will give you skills and experience in a short period of time. Customize your program, choosing only what you need and when you need it. We design it further to give you a unique learning experience that is engaging, interactive, effective and impactful. We guarantee you a wholesome experience despite your computer screen being your classroom!

Stocked programs - (Develop your team)

For a quick upgrade in a particular subject or skill, our ready-made stocked programs provide a detailed syllabus covering comprehensively and effectively, that one subject you need help with. Designed by our experts with time, value and need in mind, these programs help you gain an easy advancement in the subject you need help in. Chose from our vast array of pre-designed courses, set your own pace and schedule. Engage with our subject experts, help your team gain inclusive skill and knowledge in a core subject area. The program can be personalized based on your needs on directly consulting our subject experts.

If you feel that our stocked programs need to be tweaked to help your team gain more skills in a particular subject, our experts will personalize and brand it on consultation to suit your needs. With our focus on time, value and personalization to help you gain the most of the program, our subject experts will aim to design a comprehensive custom made program.

At any point of time, for any assistance in the program, further support and additional training, our subject experts are available to answer your team’s questions to help you further up the team’s skills.

Learning Services (Improve your learning program)

Creating programs that help you gain knowledge, skills and identify goals easily in a short period of time is what we do best. Our strategy is to work around your schedule and experience to create an overall effective model that will give you a clear picture of what the program encompasses and how you will benefit from it. With a simple and organized program schedule, your team will be able to comprehend new skills and developments in your subject area at a more relaxed pace, effectively.

Only a click away, we aim to assist you with any difficulties, confusions and questions during the program at any time. Our experts put forth an engaging model that will help your team build skills and gain more expertise in the subject.

Improve your organization

Our products, aimed to transform your performance, tackle the most significant components needed to build team spirit. With accessibility, our experts are available round the clock, helping your team be there for each other while progressing to understand niche subjects with a new dimension. You bring the team, we will give you transformation!

We believe that an agile team is key to bringing the best performance. Our learning solution works around this idea to bring about a change in the way your team operates. This unique approach ensures innovation, agility, and efficiency. Your investment in the team will continue to work long term as we concentrate on squeezing out maximum talent in your teammates and build a way for the team to connect and to continue juicing out their best of abilities.

Our experts, who work with team as one unit, are driven to help enhance the structure of the team by spotting their strengths and weaknesses.

The tailor made learning solution we present works to build the ‘dream-team’.